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How the Movie World Got Changed Forever

In the last seventy years, the media world looked very simple: there were film companies who owned radio and television stations, and in this way, they controlled what we watch and listen to. As actor Eddy Kariti explains, every movie and TV series, although owned by large media companies, was actually controlled by big corporations who paid advertisements and bought advertising space. That means it was almost impossible to watch a film or series that wasn’t approved, or by the liking of companies like Coca-Cola or Mr. Proper. Although they are made for us, the viewers, films, and series haven’t always been by our liking.

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At the beginning of the 21st century, people in North America started gravitating towards streaming platforms, which served video programs to the viewers, whenever it suited them - something like a massive base of unseen movies and series. According to Eddy Kariti, Netflix was the first to provide such a great base, at a cost of only $10 per month. Hulu offered almost all series from all TV channels, 24 hours after being originally broadcasted for eight dollars, plus with an increasing list of cinema hits such as Batman V Superman, Interstellar, Hunger Games, etc. These two companies quickly grew to giant Media that do not have advertisers, although Hulu still has them in a way, in addition to the commercial-free option. This way, for the first time ever, we got to watch programs that belong only to us.

Netflix, and right after that Hulu and Amazon, began producing their own original programs, initially looking to build a better image, and then to reduce dependence on software from other manufacturers. This has brought us TV series that are not paid with Coca-Cola money, but with the help of your $10 per month. Kariti truly believes that this has changed the world. Moreover, this is a historical moment because for the very first time viewers are the ones who make these decisions, not some big corporations doing it instead for them.