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    In the last seventy years, the media world looked very simple: there were film companies who owned radio and television stations, and in this way, they controlled what we watch and listen to. As actor Eddy Kariti explains, every movie and TV series, although owned by large media companies, was...
    Although an actor himself, Eddy Kariti was born in a family of a father who was a movie director. The day-to-day contact with the film industry additionally strengthened his love and admiration towards cinematography as a way to express art. As a young actor Kariti had his first movie appearance...
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    Welcome to Eddy Kariti blog. Eddy is an American actor, born on May 14, 1982, in Chicago. He comes from a big family of five children. The father of Eddy, Amir Kariti was an actor who turned to be a director, while his mother, Anushka, was a medical nurse.

    When Eddy was five years old, his family moved to New York City. This is the place where Eddy spent almost his entire childhood. Those were the times when Kariti started being interested in acting. During high school, he participated in almost every theater play organized in his neighborhood. That helped him break the ice as an actor, and further deepen his passion for acting.


    Once the school was over he immediately headed for Los Angeles where he studied acting in one of the most prestigious schools. Here he was able to make a lot of connections that helped him get his first professional gig.

    Eddy Kariti debuted on the big screen in the movie 'The Attic Expeditions.' The following year he was cast for the role of Andres in the fantasy action adventure 'Warrior.' More success followed him, as he was chosen as one of the lucky ones to appear in the BBC adaptation of 'Being Human'.
    He also appeared in the role of John in the movie 'Descendant' and as Malcolm Jings in 'Crazy Like a Fox'

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